Artist Statement

My interests range over diverse categories of subject matter. I choose to pursue a variety of ways of working, although it may appear that I have multiple personalities. The intellectual/feminist part of me explores gender roles as reflected in family photographs and art historical imagery. I also explore dreams and memory. The images are less particularized and the exact meaning unknown. The reappearance of archways, stairs and mists intrigues me. A third part of me is a lover of the light and color of landscape. I have painted over 600 views from my studio windows and my travels in Italy during the last 10 years. I resist the notion that this may be an outdated Modernist approach to artmaking and follow my heart.

Featured Work

The Three Evils

Oil on canvas - View More Figurative Oils and Acrylics
72 x 48"

Joanna and Perseus

Watercolor - View More Figurative Watercolors