Gallery: Figurative Watercolors

Casey, Car and Dog

1973 Classic

Amy and Mrs. Siddons


Beatrice and the Mannequins

Boys Will Be Boys

Colosseum Woman

Dorothy and the Dogs

El Greco Women and Monk

Fashionable Greek Tourist

Laurence Rathsack

Monastery 1

Monastery 2

Outside the Tholos Tomb


St. Lucy in Assisi

The Two Davids

Fortitude and Lillian

60's Clothes Don't Fit

Across the Divide

Ancient Statues & Stan

Bandaged Heart

Black is Slimming

Casey Sunning

Constantine, Casey and Chuck

Contemporary and Etruscan Wrestlers

Continent and Stan

He Men

House on the Ziggurat


Max and Casey

Max and VW

Max, Max, and Pompeiian Cast

Olympia and Nancy

On The Deck

Pace and Judi

Pedicure and Dead Bird

Posing With Dorothy

Sleeping Stan

Sleeping Zack

Stan and Dog

Stan and Signorelli


Three Dorothys and Great Great Grandma

Todd and Medusa

Trios Throughout Time

Two Pairs

Venus of Urbino and Stan

Zack and Gaul